Mannings Heath Fireworks Night 2018

Come and watch the sky light up above Mannings Heath with our Fireworks display!

Enjoy a BBQ and Live Music before the show.

Date: Friday 2nd November 2018
Time: 6 pm | Fireworks start at approximately 7:30 pm
Price: £8 Non-Member | £6 Member | £4 Child (4-12) under 3’s FOC


To receive your members discount tickets must be purchased from the Pro Shop.

Did you know: Sussex has a long and close association with Guy Fawkes Night and bonfires. The celebrations mark both Guy Fawkes Night and the burning of 17 Protestant martyrs in Lewes High Street from 1555 to 1557, during the reign of Queen Mary Tudor.

The Sussex Bonfire tradition goes back further still, to a time when farm workers had little or no wages during the autumn and winter months.

It was common for workers to go from house to house asking the residents for food, money or, if they were lucky, alcohol. It was begging really, but this was a criminal offence. To avoid punishment - as many of these homeowners were landlords and employers - the custom was to either dress in a costume or to use charcoal or scorched cork to blacken their faces. This way the revellers could cause mischief and mayhem without fear of getting punished.

In the 19th century Mark Antony Lower, an anti-Catholic propagandist and schoolmaster from Lewes, started the cult of the Sussex martyrs after the publication of his 1851 book’ The Sussex Martyrs’ to recall the actions of Catholicism in Sussex. This led to the creation of local Bonfire Societies who commemorated these events, borrowing from the earlier traditions.

Guy Fawkes Night has remained popular for over a century - although fortunately more peaceful and less controversial. It has become the highlight of the year for many towns and villages in the Sussex Weald, where our own Mannings Heath golf and wine estate is of course located.

So join us!