Affiliate membership

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New: Affiliate Golf Membership

Affiliate Membership now available!

Affiliate Membership is for you if want all the benefits of club membership, including a handicap - you play regularly but not regularly enough to warrant full 5 or 7 day membership. And you want the flexibility of being able to top up your membership if needed.

What is Affiliate Membership?

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A twelve month scheme with all the benefits of full membership for £600*, with the flexibility to top up to gain more rounds if needed. Access to the Waterfall course from 11am Monday – Friday and after 2pm Saturday & Sunday. No restrictions to play the Kingfisher course

* Membership is £600 subscription plus £17.40 golf Union fees.  (Total payable £617.40)

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The Affiliate Membership credit system:

£600 gets you 40 credits. This membership allows you to use your credits when you choose. You can top up points at any time during your membership, meaning you can play more golf if you use all of your credits and still end up paying less than a full membership

Waterfall course = 2 credits for 18 holes

Kingfisher course = 1 credit for 9 holes