A tee shot to the dog leg hole at the marker post will leave a mid iron to a green guarded by a bunker short and to the right of the green. Take note of the distance as this bunker makes the green look closer than it actually is.


This hole has been turned into a challenging par 5. The tee shot is a slight dogleg to the left and a ditch sits just under 195 yards from the tee meaning there is a decision to be made straight away! Clear it and you’ll have a chance to hit the green in two shots, elect to lay up and you’ll leave a tough second to lay up perfectly. One half of the shared green awaits your pitch which breaks severely from back to front.


A medium length par three surrounded by bunkers. Straight is your only option here to a green that slopes from front to back quite severely.


The tee shots needs to be taken from right to left over the crest of the fairway which leaves a shot to a two tiered green, a small bunker short and right of the green that hidden from view guards the lower level.


A long drive to the top of the hill leaves a mid iron approach to a very wide green. Don’t be too aggressive with your tee shot as the driving range is out of bounds!


The second and last par five. A tee shot that misses the tree on the corner of the dog leg will leave you with a decision. Take on the fairway bunkers with the second or lay up short. Either way, you’ll be left with an approach to the other half of the huge double green.


A long par three with a very tricky three level green. Usually into the wind, this hold demands a good strike off the tee.


Four fairway bunkers, two either side gradually narrow the fairway. The approach here is entirely dependent on pin position. A very tricky green indeed.


A good drive avoiding the left rough will leave a mid iron to another three levelled green that is over 30 yards deep. A par to finish will be a job well done.